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Real estate business here in Negros has become the open market both local & international.


So far as we begin here in the World Wide Web we have the most & numerous property listing that no one can beat! Most of it were private properties and rental units as the common needs among our foreign clients. We are only the most trusted & most offered transient rental properties!


We have the most numbered mountain resort & farm lot listing in the municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto, Murcia and Bago City.


Beaches like Hinobaan, Cauyan, Valladolid, Pontevedra, Cadiz, Sipalay  and Sipaway Island.


Residential and commercial listing in the city of Bacolod, Silay, Talisay and other municipalities.


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For your choices: pls click the property finder at the upper left side of the webpage, then click the location of the property and type of the property you wanted to inquire if is it for sale or for rent and  lastly, click SEARCH.

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This is the standard sharing of expenses between the buyer and the seller when transferring the real estate property title (TCT - Transfer Certificate of Title or CCT - Condominium Certificate of Title) to a new owner: 

The SELLER pays for the:

  • Capital Gains Tax equivalent to 6% of the selling price on the Deed of Sale or the zonal value, whichever is higher. (Withholding Tax if the seller is a corporation)
  • Unpaid real estate taxes due (if any).
  • Agent / Broker's commission.

The BUYER pays for the cost of Registration:

  • Documentary Stamp Tax - 1.5% of the selling price or zonal value or fair market value, which ever is higher.
  • Transfer Tax - 0.5% of the selling price, or zonal value or fair market value, which ever is higher.
  • Registration Fee - 0.25% of the selling price, or zonal value or fair market value, which ever is higher.
  • Incidental and miscellaneous expenses incurred during the registration process.

The above sharing of expenses is the standard practice in the Philippines. However, buyers and sellers can mutually agree on other terms as long as it is done during the negotiation period (before the signing of the "Deed of Sale").

The "Deed of Sale" or "Deed of Absolute Sale" is the document showing legal transfer of real estate property ownership. The deed of sale is then taken to the Registry of Deeds to be officially recorded after paying the documentary stamp, transfer tax and registration fees. Always verify from the Registry of Deeds the authenticity of a Transfer Certificate of Title before buying a property. If the seller only has a tax declaration, be extra cautious and check with neighbours, the Barangay captain or anyone in the know in the community to verify the seller/owner's true identity and the property's history.

Your Agent / Broker will usually do the registration process (sometimes for a fee). However, all government taxes, transfer fees and incidental or miscellaneous expenses will be shouldered by the buyer.

Documents needed when transferring the title (TCT or CCT) to the new owner:

  • Certified true copy of the title
  • Notarized copies of the Deed of Sale
  • Latest tax declaration of the property
  • Certificate from the Bureau of Internal Revenue that the capital gains tax and documentary stamps have been paid
  • Receipt of payment of the transfer tax and registration fees


An adapted form of the "Torrens" system of land registration is used in the Philippines. The system was adapted to assure a buyer that if he buys a land covered by an Original Certificate of Title (OCT) or the Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) issued by the Registry of Deeds, the same will be absolute, indefeasible and imprescriptible. is the online investment site to cater most of our OFW’s, foreign investors and localities in terms of property investment or to buy properties here in Negros.

We provide choices from residential, commercial, agricultural and beach resort investment. If you are abroad we ask you for your family living here to contact as soon as possible in behalf of your presence. We guide them to see the property personally and talked to the owner for some negotiation!

We present the documents, titles, tax declaration, vicinity map and other important documents needed for processing to buy a property

We assist processing from capital gain tax, land tax, city hall, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Register of Deeds (ROD), deed of sale and other legal action.

If you are looking for an installment houses or properties like PAG-IBIG or Bank Financing that minimize your expenses. We entertain such transactions. We assist and coordinate with PAG-IBIG and  any BANK loan in charged! There are some requirements to be submitted in order to approve immediately in accordance with the procedures of these institutions!, starting to gather foreclosed properties from accredited banks and lending companies to present to the interested buyer here and abroad! These are clean title properties and included to bank property as well so this is safe and no hazzle transactions! Buyer may pay required downpayment and then payable in terms depends upon to buyer capacity 5-10 years maximum!


If you notice at the right side of this main page, there are some names of subdivision and exclusive subdivisions posted, because here in, we also accepting inquiries and buyers of those advertised subdivision!


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We're doing our best to serve you better! 


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